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A flexible, online program that offers something traditional bootcamps don’t – a dedicated 1-on-1 mentor.

Program Features at Glance


An immersive online classroom

Learn through live, instructor-led lectures and pair programming with fellow classmates. Commit 20-30 hours per week without quitting your job.


1-on-1 mentorship

Meet with an industry-veteran weekly and build deeply technical and impressive projects for your portfolio. Getting your certificate is the first step. We want you to get a job you’ll love.


Flexibility to meet your needs

Multiple financing options are available along with special scholarships for UTC alumni.

What You Will Learn

Our comprehensive curriculum makes sure you are learning the latest technologies to be competitive in today’s job market.


Web Development Fundamentals

Build the foundational skills that every web developer needs by building static webpages with HTML, CSS and jQuery.


Asynchronous Web Apps

Create beautiful data-driven, interactive client-side web applications and learn the basics of the command line and Git.


Server-side Programming With Node.js

JavaScript isn’t just for the front-end. Create well-designed, comprehensively tested server-side JavaScript applications using Node.js and Express.


Advanced Front End: React

Take your front-end web development skills to the next level. Learn to build powerful single page web apps with the popular front-end framework, React.


Advanced Topics: Data Structures and Algorithms

Build a foundation of computer science knowledge and hone your skills as an engineer, along with final preparation for your job search.

Why Enroll?


Learn In-Demand Skills

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web development is one of the fastest growing careers in today’s economy, with a projected 15% growth rate by 2026.


Do Meaninful Work

Software is everywhere. You can build a career working at a tech company or you can find technical work in almost every sector of the economy from finance, education, healthcare, and more.


Advance Your Career

Everything about the program is designed to accelerate your career, expand your job prospects, and ultimately get you hired.

Who Should Enroll?

This program is designed for busy, working professionals who want to build a career in tech or advance their current career in a related field. We’re looking for students who can make the 20-30 hour/week time commitment and value a quality education and learning outcomes.

Outcomes You Can Expect

Qualify for the 1.4M software jobs open in the United States that are currently unfilled.

Increase your earning potential

$ 19,021

Average yearly salary increase reported

Type of jobs you can expect

A graph about types of job

84% of students get hired

A graph about 84% students getting hired

Source: Thinkful

Cost & Financing Options


Skills Fund Loan (Interest-Only)

Lowest monthly payments.

Learn more


$250 required as refundable deposit
$81.81 / month while enrolled
$347.20 / month after graduation


Skills Fund Loan (Immediate Repayment)

For budgets of $347/mo

Learn more


$250 required as refundable deposit
$347 for 36 months



For budgets of $550/mo

$550 for 19 months

$2,550 required as refundable deposit on start date.


Upfront Payment

Most affordable


$10,500 due upfront

100% satisfaction guarantee: full refund if you don’t love your first two classes.*

Scholarships available for students this fall.

* This program is offered in partnership with Thinkful, Inc.